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Jamaal "Mali Music" Pollard was born on January 12, 1988 in Phoenix, AZ. And while Jamaal is who he is, music is what he is. Jamaal began playing piano at age 5 and was so naturally gifted that formal lessons proved more of a hindrance than a help. Still appreciative of his classical training, he quickly mastered piano and more recently acoustic guitar and electric bass. Since age 11, Jamaal has been actively pursuing his music ministry and career. He is currently the Minister of Music at Faith on the Move Ministries, in Savannah, Georgia. He regularly performs at various events on area college campuses, local social/civic gatherings and banquets. Jamaal is highly sought after by those who focus on empowering youth and young adults with moral and spiritual enlightenment.

Mali Music's versatility is without limitation. His performances cover all music from gospel to big band jazz to romantic ballads. He particularly enjoys singing "oldies", a refreshing surprise considering his youth. It comes as no surprise; his love for music is largely influenced by legendary music lovers like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. Mali's original music is easily defined as Contemporary Christian. His sound, heavily inspired by the word of musical geniuses Bilal and D'Angelo, is free, boundless, and uninhibited. Beyond bold, his stage presence is captivating, and his energy infectious. Each track and lyric tells a new story - expect elements of surprise!

Along with being an awesome performer, Jamaal is an accomplished producer and actor. As founder and CEO of Mali Music Note Productions, he writes, produces, and engineers for several artists. With over 100 songs in his portfolio, he is also credited with scoring two gospel stage plays, Urban Resurrection and Zion's March the latter becoming a local legend in the Christian community. Jamaal also landed the leading role in the Savannah College of Art and Design produced film "Linked" in 2007.

Singer E. Hall, Actress/Singer Keisha Janay, Christian Rappers Zion and Remidee, Apostle Leroy Keith Ladson and Eleazar, T.Greene and the Faith on the Move Praise & Worship team are just a few of the anointed talents that have graced the halls of the Mali Music Note Productions Studio.

Though he remains unrestricted as a musician, artist, songwriter, and producer, his passion lies in creating powerful, effective contemporary Christian music that stretches its genre.

Ever seeking to enhance his gifts, Jamaal continually studies, increasing his knowledge of music theory. His desire to build his musical repertoire is undying as he is always learning new instruments, finding new music software, and experimenting with new vocal styles. In short, he is panoptic and phenomenal! As his genius grows, Jamaal "Mali Music" Pollard is sure to unforgettably and positively impact the world!

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