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Todd Rasean
Urban Worship
Utopia Music Group, 2006

Todd Rasean is a gifted singer, songwriter and exceptional worship leader with a desire to connect peopleboth inside and outside the church -- to God through his music.

A native of Chicago, Todd RaSean developed an early interest in music, studying classical voice and music theory at the Merit Music Conservatory. His musical influences expanded to include an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional gospel, R & B and soul infusions from the urban gospel daringness of Kirk Franklin, the vocal abilities of Karen Clark Sheard & The Clark Sisters--to the soul of Donny Hathaway to the creativity and inspiration of Donald Lawrence.

RaSean is a member of the renowned Sweet Holy Spirit Church with the dynamic Bishop Larry D. Trotter as pastor. Serving as Director of Music, RaSean is deeply passionate about the educational enrichment of worship leaders, singers, and songwriters. Consequently he has conducted several workshops covering the topic of praise and worship in the modern church and mentors other worship leaders in churches across the country.

An exciting featured soloist, RaSean has already contributed to several gospel projects including Bishop Larry D. Trotter and Sweet Holy Spirit Church Choir, (Tyscot/Utopia) Teresa Haristons Gospel Heritage 2004 (Verity), and Vashawn Mitchell and Friends (Tyscot). Additionally RaSean has performed on stage with various artists including Natalie Cole, BeBe Winans, Karen Clark Sheard and Byron Cage. His theatre credits include Donald Lawrence's Sing Hallelujah at the Chicago Center of Performing Arts.

RaSean's debut project Urban Worship (Utopia) showcases RaSean's strong vocal and writing abilities, wrapped up in contemporary and traditional gospel and worship flavored tracks. There are songs on the project that will be simple for any church praise team or choir to learn", says Rasean. There are songs that will evoke mediation and reflection. But more than anything I want to share my music outside the four walls of church. The music shared in the Sunday morning church experience is wonderful --and Christians all over the world take part in it every week. But God is bigger than our Sunday gatherings. Many people may not initially come to church. I want my music to reflect a bigger scope of evangelism.

Sharing his music in settings that may not be the norm for gospel music is key for RaSean. My own life was changed when a gospel music artist dared to share gospel music in a coffeehouse during a poetry reading, says RaSean. It was there that I was jolted into the realization that God loves me. I am living proof of the power of gospel music in nontraditional settings".

And RaSean is in touch with his uniqueness. I think some may see my whole look as different from the typical gospel artist, says RaSean. But I believe there is a place in heaven for people who may not fit into the suit and tie. I want to reach hearts -- to appeal to the rejected and the discouraged. I want my music to encourage, motivate and inspire---and show them that God desires a unique, personal relationship with them.

The concept of worship spilling into the streets is why I called the project Urban Worship. All across this country our cities are filled with people who are lost without direction. There is a fire that burns inside me to take the worship experience through my music to the streets.

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